CL Baker recommend the Cure It GRP roofing system 

CURE IT Roofing system KENT

Technical Datasheet

Product description
Cure It is a fully-formulated, wet-laid, GRP waterproofing system.

Material features

  • Materials are specially formulated for roofing applications
  • 20 year guarantee on materials
  • Fast ‘wet-out’
  • Low styrene emission
  • High flexibility
  • Adjusted for seasonal variations in temperature
  • Good inter-laminar adhesion
  • Includes technical support
  • Full training and on-site support available
  • Supplied pre-pigmented Graphite Grey (BS 00 A 13) or Clear with a selection of pigments
  • Any BS4800 colour available
  • Fire retardant to BS476-3 Ext.F.AB (no restrictions on usage) F.AA rating is available with the coated non-slip finish.

The Cure It roofing system materials (Cure It Roofing Resin, Cure It Roofing Topcoat, Roofing Edge
Trims, Roofing Catalyst, Chopped Strand Mat) will remain within the specification of the Cure It
Material Safety Data Sheet when stored correctly and will form a structural waterproof membrane
that will remain watertight for a period of 20 years from the date of manufacture when installed as
specified in the conditions set out in the Cure It guarantee.

Properties in relation to fire
A flat roofing system comprising of a Cure It GRP laminate with Cure It topcoat when tested to BS
476-3 : 2004 was designated EXT.F.AB (no limitations on use).

Resistance to wind uplift
The Cure It GRP roofing system is fully-bonded to the roof substrate. The system will be resistant
to any wind uplift that could reasonably be expected during the product’s lifespan.

Areas of usage
The Cure It waterproofing system can be used for waterproofing applications of almost any size or

Warm roof specification
The Cure It system can be specified to comply with current part ‘L’ regulations.

Resistance to foot traffic
In standard 450g/m2 specification the Cure It system will be resistant to any level of foot traffic
that it could reasonably be subjected to during its lifespan. 600g/m2 specification is available for
applications subject to heavy foot traffic such as walkways/balconies.

Finish options
The Cure It waterproofing system is supplied to BS4800 00 A 13 Graphite Grey. There are two non-slip
options available: coloured non-slip (granulated non-slip slate coating applied at 1250g/m2) and
coated non-slip (granulated non-slip slate coating applied at


Typical GRP (fibreglass) flat roof installation

CureIT Application